The Charities

EnoughIsEnough –

The Internet has revolutionized our lives, and, despite its many benefits, the Internet has opened the door for predators to sexually exploit unsuspecting children. In the digital age, every child is just one click away from obscenely graphic and addictive pornography, and new threats- -like cyberbullying and ‘sexting’–also flourish in the Web 2.0 world.

No child is immune to these risks online. Parents and other adults are the first line of defense against online threats. Unfortunately, many parents feel uninformed or ill-equipped to deal with evolving issues of Internet safety and need credible outside help, which is why we are pleased to announce the national launch of the Internet Safety 101 Program.

A Good Idea

A Good Idea is a vehicle for positive social change ideas that connect people in need with people who want to help to alleviate homelessness and poverty. We build these connections for positive social change through service, education, and technology. A Good Idea creates solutions for social issues by forming teams of experts and volunteers, implementing proven social change models, and driving the overall process through compassion and empathy.

LIVESTRONG (Youth Alliance)

We empower the cancer community to address the unmet needs of cancer survivors. To do so, we encourage collaboration, knowledge-sharing and partnership. Then, we develop evidence- based solutions to address both the common and unique problems survivors are facing around the world.